How to Run an x86_64 Fedora Server on an ARM Mac Using QEMU

Posted 5 April 2023, last edited 5 April 2023 (archive)

Download an OS image

First you need to create an OS image. For this example, we are just going to download a Fedora Server image. Go to and download one of the files named "Fedora <VERSION>: QEMU image for x86_64", for example

$ curl -L '' \
       -o /tmp/x86_64-Fedora-Server.qcow2

Then verify your download (you're not going to do this)

Boot the image

$ sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2048 \ 
                          -hda /tmp/x86_64-Fedora-Server.qcow2 \
                          -netdev vmnet-shared,id=net0 \
                          -device e1000,mac=86:A8:82:70:47:8F,netdev=net0 \
                          -nographic \
                          -smp 2